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Reasons You Should Add Prague to Your Travel Bucket List This Very Second

Prague is the OG Bohemian capitol of Europe. The city is a dream for lovers of beer, history, architecture… the list goes on. Here’s why you should add it to your travel bucket list right now!

A Bird’s Eye View

The capital city of the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia) sits astride the Vltava River. Although it was once part of the Russian Communist regime, you’ll find the Old World charm of the city intact. It’s packed with churches, Gothic spires, beautiful red-roofed townhouses, and Art Nouveau cafes.

The streets are paved with ancient cobblestones, so be wary of your feet. You’ll find delicious sausages, hearty bread, and lots and lots of beer. And any good tour guide will be able to show you the site of Medieval Prague’s favorite pastime: Defenestration, or throwing people out of windows.

Must-See Tourist Attractions

You’ll want to see the Charles Bridge, an early 15-century pedestrian bridge that links Prague Castle to the town square. Lined with statues of the saints, it’s usually crowded. There are plenty of vendors and buskers along the bridge, so if you’re feeling sentimental it’s a good place to pick up a souvenir.

Prague Castle looms over the city like something out of a fairy tale. It’s the biggest ancient castle in the world, dating back to the 9th century! St. Vitus Cathedral is another incredible architectural marvel in the heart of the city.  The stained glass windows are not to be missed.

The Old Town Square is always bustling with live music, cafes, and busy shops. The space also hosts the annual Christmas market, which is visited by hundreds of thousands of shoppers.

Art in Prague

The Art Nouveau illustrator Alfons Mucha lived and worked in Prague, and you’ll find lots of reproductions of his famous posters and advertisements. There’s modern art to be found at the Veletržní Palác museum, if that’s more your speed.

The city is also known for its rich musical history. That tradition has been kept alive with an annual festival of classical music called Prague Spring. If you can, try to snag tickets to one of the orchestra performances at the castle.

Extreme Day Trip: Kutna Hora

If you’re the type of person who dreams of visiting the Paris Catacombs, then you need to check out the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora. This Gothic church contains an estimated 40,000 to 70,000 skeletons, arranged in elaborate displays–including a chandelier made of bones.

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