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7 of the Most Incredible Hikes in the World

Were your boots made for hiking? Then you need to add at least one of these incredible hikes to your bucket list!

Not everyone dreams of running a marathon. Some of us want to grab a pack and head out to explore the trails. From day hikes to epic journeys, these are some of the best, most incredible hikes in the world.

Inca Trail – Peru

This hike in on a lot of people’s bucket lists, so plan accordingly. During the high season, between May and September, it gets pretty crowded along these 26 miles. Located in Peru, the Inca Trail is a challenging 4-day hike that will take you through mountains and jungles to end at the legendary Machu Picchu ruins.

Appalachian Trail – United States

Few people will ever complete the entire Appalachian Trail hike. At 2180 miles, it’s the longest continuously marked trail in the world, stretching from Georgia to Maine. Plan for about 6 months if you want to attempt the entire thing.

Kungsleden – Sweden

Translating to “King’s Trail,” the entire Kungsleden is 275 miles. However, you can hike a smaller portion of the trail–a relatively achievable 65 miles–and still get all the highlights of Sweden’s stunning natural beauty. This hike will take you to Sweden’s tallest mountain, Mount Kenekaise.

Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

If you crave a more impressive peak than Mount Kenekaise, may I suggest Kilimanjaro? Africa’s highest peak is a popular tourist destination, with regular tours and clearly marked routes. One of the most well-traveled hikes is a week-long, 35-mile stretch.

Yosemite Grand Traverse – United States

The breathtaking scenery of Yosemite National Park in California is unlike any other place on earth. This hike, which covers 60 miles and takes about a week, meanders around the park’s most notable landmarks. Serious hikers have to add this one to their bucket lists!

Bay of Fires – Tasmania

Despite its name, no actual fires are to be found on this incredible hike. Instead, you’ll cover 26 miles of the world’s most amazing scenery. Think azure water, sandy beaches, and snow-capped mountains all in one place!

Trek to Petra – Jordan

We’ve already touched on Petra in our list of destinations for movie lovers. The red stone city in the desert of Jordan offers a magical glimpse of a lost civilization. Bold hikers can cover 50 miles through Jordan to explore the city and the surrounding desert. Just make sure to go with a reputable tour group, friends!

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