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Bedroom Storage Hacks for Small Spaces

If you’re living in a small space, then you know that every square inch helps. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize the use of your bedroom space without sacrificing style.

Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

malm storage bed from ikea

Your bed clearly takes up the most real estate, especially if you have anything bigger than a twin. One of the simplest and smartest way to maximize your usable storage space is to utilize the unused area under your bed.

If you’re able to splurge, there are plenty of storage bed frames that you can purchase. Some feature pull-out drawers that are built into the frame, giving you a sleek, integrated storage solution. If your bed is up against a wall or another piece of furniture and you can’t access drawers on the sides, you could opt for a bed frame where the mattress lifts up like a lid.

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a new bed frame if it isn’t in your budget, though. Stores that sell storage containers have plenty of bins intended to fit under a bed frame, just make sure you measure the height of your frame before you purchase bins.

Choose Double Duty Furniture

floating drawer with a plant, a photo, and books on top

In a small space, it’s important to always make the most of everything. If it takes up space, it should also provide storage, so try opting for furniture that pulls double duty.

Instead of a regular headboard, choose a headboard with built-in storage. Install floating drawers instead of just a shelf. You can also squeeze more storage space out of a small cabinet with drawers instead of a regular table as a nightstand.

Use the Back of the Door

over the door organizer filled with nursery items

There is limitless potential for storage on the back of your door, and as a bonus, it will be mostly hidden when the door is open. Over-the-door organizers can be used to hang all kinds of things, and there are options for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even clothes hampers. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

You aren’t just limited to your bedroom door, either. Closet doors or wardrobe doors are also a great place to hang organizers to really maximize your storage options.

Organize Your Clothes

drawer organizers inside dresser
The Container Store

Great folding and drawer dividers will make a world of difference in increasing your dresser storage. While you’re organizing your drawers, throw away or donate any clothing you no longer wear, and please ditch the socks without their match!

If your drawers or closet are full of seasonal clothing that you can only wear for part of the year, shrink them down with vacuum-sealed bags to take up less space.

Go Vertical With Hanging Options

hanging storage on wall
H and G Designs

Not all storage options have to be unattractive and hidden. Try experimenting with decorative wall storage to utilize wall space in a way that you don’t mind looking at.

From floating shelves to jewelry organizers to hanging ladders, you’ll find plenty of options out there for all your accessories, knickknacks, photos, and even clothing.

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