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snake plants in pots sitting in the window

Best Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your Bathroom

The easiest way to liven up a space is to add some, well, life! Bringing the outdoors in with the beautiful, bold colors of plants instantly gives a fresh feeling to a room.

However, trying to keep plants alive in a bathroom can be tricky. Between the humidity, the possible lack of sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures, the environment is certainly not for all plants.

Luckily, there are some plant varieties out there that absolutely thrive in the typical bathroom environment. Below are some of the best indoor plants to bring into your bathroom.


pothos house plant sitting on a shelf
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Pothos are the perfect indoor plants to add to bathroom because they grow quickly and love to trail and hang. You’ll find that they’re pretty resilient and tough, surviving in low to moderate indirect light, which means that even those with a black thumb can keep these alive!

Air Plant

variety of air plants spread out
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Air plants will get their moisture by just soaking up the humidity right from the air, so you likely won’t need to water these at all. They also absorb their nutrients the same way, so they don’t require planters or dirt. These tiny air purifying plants will be happiest in a spot with bright but indirect light.


calathea plant in white pot against a dark background
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Calatheas are native to the tropical Americas, so they will love the humidity of the bathroom. These luscious plants will definitely bring a tropical vibe to your bathroom. Just make sure that it gets at least some moderate indirect light, though some varieties can be more tolerant of low light.

Snake Plant

snake plants in pots sitting in the sun
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I’ve never met a person who managed to kill a snake plant, because these interesting beauties actually thrive on neglect and very little water. These are the best indoor plants for anyone who has a hard time remembering to take care of plants. It can tolerate low light, but it will grow faster in a bright spot, like a window sill.

Chinese Evergreen

closeup of chinese evergreen plants leaves
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If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your bathroom, look no further than the Chinese Evergreen. It will love the humidity and is hearty enough that it will survive if you accidentally forget to water it sometimes. They can grow in bright spots, but they prefer low, indirect light.

Bird’s Nest Fern

bird's nest fern houseplant in white pot
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I love the interesting, crinkly texture of the bird’s nest fern. This plant loves the extra moisture of a bathroom, and because it thrives on moderate, indirect light, it’s pretty easy to keep alive indoors.


gardenia plant with flowers in a pot
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These tropical beauties do great in the humidity of a bathroom. Make sure to sit it in a bright spot, like on a window sill that gets a lot of morning sun. When these plants thrive, they bloom with white flowers that have the most amazing smell.

Spider Plant

spider plant in a small striped pot against a dark wood background
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A spider plant is another great no-fuss option that can be pretty easy to keep happy. They will tolerate any level of indirect light, from low to bright. However, direct sun can scorch the leaves. They are native to tropical areas in Africa, so they certainly don’t mind the humid bathroom air. Spider plants make great indoor hanging plants.

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