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Can You Make it Through the Rickshaw Run through India?

India’s auto-rickshaw service “Tuk Tuk” is on the brink of extinction, as taxis are giving way to the world of Uber and Lyft. But an organization called The Adventurists are keeping these three-wheeled mobiles alive in a big way.

Every four months, The Adventurists hosts The Rickshaw Run, during which 30 or more teams race through cities in India. It’s a race for only the brave: if you break down, the event organizers will not help you.

You are given a starting point and a finishing point, and the rest is up to you. You can take any route you choose. Each team consists of one to four people, and of course one rickshaw.

The next two runs are scheduled for April and August.

Rickety rickshaws

Rickshaws are on the decline in India but remain a ubiquitous and charming method of transportation. The small vehicles seat up to four and are pushed with seven-horsepower engines.

These vehicles are designed to transport light roads on easy, paved roads. But in The Rickshaw Run, they are raced through some of the worst roads of India, making it rather challenging to complete. In the inaugural race, 31 of 34 teams made it to the finish line.

Make life less boring

On The Adventurists’ website, their mission is clearly stated: The Rickshaw Run is a break from the mundane. Not to be satisfied with the predictability of everyday life, they love hosting events based around doing “large-scale, stupid and dangerous” things. The group also organizes “the longest horse race on Earth” every year.

Race for charity

One of the best facets of The Rickshaw Run is that it is done for charity. Each participating team must raise a minimum of 1,000 dollars for charities based in India.

Notably, in 2015 the team “JacksGap” raised over $180,000 for Teenage Cancer Research. They posted about their fundraising and rickshaw journey on their YouTube channel.

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