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Canyoning in Bali is Pure Awesome

There simply isn’t a better way to say it: canyoning is awesome and you need to try it!

Canyoning is the all-encompassing marriage of high octane adventures including rappelling down waterfalls, leaping off of rocky cliffs, slipping through natural water slides and ziplining. That’s a lot of action packed into one adrenaline-pumping afternoon.

Bali, Indonesia is known for its fantastic canyoning opportunities. If you’re visiting, you will want to set aside your yoga mat and green drink aside for a day and visit the canyons, waterfalls, gorges and pools on the North end of the island.

What exactly is canyoning?

Canyoning, sometimes known as canyoneering, is the union of all the adventurous methods of descending from the top to the bottom of a series of canyons. It’s the fun and terrifying combination of jumping, climbing, rappelling, slipping and scrambling as you track the water downstream.

Perhaps the most appealing part of canyoning is that it gives you access to beautiful waterfalls, pools, gorges and rapids that are almost completely unvisited by tourists. It’s the ultimate reward for being brave enough to face a challenge that typical travelers would never dare.

Not just for experts

Although it’s a highly active and heart-racing sport, anyone with a moderate capacity for fitness and a penchant for fun can partake in canyoning. It requires the ability to swim and face your fears.

Bali boasts canyons with varying levels of difficulty. If you’re a beginner, go for one of the beginner or intermediate courses and you’ll do just fine!

Canyoning options in Bali

For first-timers, I recommend setting up your canyoning journey with Adventure & Spirit’s Kerenkali Canyon Trip. It’s the most popular canyoning group in Bali, and ideal for newcomers who are in relatively good shape and are looking to be challenged.

You will be guided and reassured by trained and experienced professionals who will rappel, jump and swim with you all the way to the bottom. And they’ll be there to congratulate you with high fives for conquering your first canyon.

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