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Craziest International Cuisine You Have to Try

One of the purest joys when it comes to traveling is sampling some of the most interesting cuisine from around the world. Today we’re taking a look at some of the craziest international cuisine styles that will make your mouth water and your stomach rumble. Let’s dig in!

International Cuisine


A favorite type of Vietnamese soup, Pho is as much an art as a dish. Properly creating the best broth can take as long as two days, so it’s important that you go to the right place to get your Pho. The soup incorporates rice noodles, herbs, lime, bean sprouts, meats and herbs.

They all combine together in the savory and delicious broth to create a unique and striking culinary experience!


You’ve heard the word “smorgasbord” before, probably used to describe a huge spread of food. That’s partly what you should think of when you hear the word used to describe a type of traditional Swedish breakfast, too!

Smorgasbord-style breakfast includes smoked fish, cold cuts, meatballs, cucumber salad, boiled potatoes and more. It’s a seriously rib-sticking start to the day. When you’re slogging through the Alps, it helps to have a full stomach!


A traditional Northern Indian ceremony revolving around this 36-course meal requires you to come with an empty stomach. The ritual begins with the guests all washing their hands in a water basin, as the meal is traditionally eaten with just your hands.

Nearly each of the 36 courses is meat-based, so make sure you come hungry. As you might expect, this Kashmiri tradition is typically only seen on special occasions, and it carries notable cultural significance.


An ancient Chilean cooking style, Curanto is said to have been around in some form since the year 5,000 BC. Whether the legend is true or not, the results are legendary on their own. The traditional style involves cooking chicken, mussels, clams, pork and potatoes in an underground wood-fire pit.

The meats are all covered with both dirt and leaves while they’re cooked, helping to trap in the smoke and maintain a high temperature throughout the cooking process. The result is unmistakably tender and delicious, though it doesn’t smell great.

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