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Fall in Love with Athens, Greece

No city in Europe is as old and storied as Athens, Greece. The expansive history of Athens consists of gods and goddesses as well as athletics and architecture.

The physical and cultural landscapes of the city are incredibly diverse, with beautiful beaches, ancient temples, endless shopping and a bubbling nightlife.

There is truly something for everyone here, whether your idea of a vacation is viewing the city from the top of Acropolis, hitting dance clubs all night, or both.

The taste of Athens

Greek food is all about the Mediterranean diet, which is one of the healthiest and tasteful in the world. Dig into a bowl of fresh yogurt topped with nuts and honey. Bite into a lovely stuffed tomato. All of these foods are produced locally, and somehow just taste better here.

You will definitely not want to pass up the opportunity to try out the many alcoholic beverages that are unique to Athens. Start with a glass of ouzo, the national drink of Greece, infused with aromatics like cinnamon, fennel or cloves.

Also enjoy a shot of traditional raki, a sweetened apéritif that pairs wonderfully with seafood or Greek feta.

Exploring the ruins and other breathtaking architecture

Visually, Athens is best known for its ancient ruins. Stunningly grand structures, temples, theatres, cemeteries and stadiums date back over 2,000 years. Take a guided tour of the sites to learn the vast history of these pinnacles of human achievement.

The party never stops

Not to be overlooked, Athens boasts a vibrant nightlife. Greeks absolutely love to party in Athens, where sometimes the night doesn’t get started until 2 a.m., with dance clubs staying open until the sun comes up.

One of the most famous party spots in Athen is Island Club Restaurant, where jet-setters and celebrities like Bruce Willis and Meryl Streep have paraded on their way to the Greek Islands.

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