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Here’s How to Jump Right Into Ski Boarding

There is nothing quite like a trip to beautiful snow-capped mountains. If you are thinking of hitting the slopes soon, you might want to forget about trying to learn to snowboard or ski. The latest craze is ski boards, and you might want to check them out for your next trip!

What are Ski Boards?

Ski boards are shorter than traditional skis, about half as long, and also twice as wide. They attach to regular ski boots. You are able to carve and get air like on a snowboard, but there is less of a learning curve with the two-footed design. You can go backward and forward, and turn with ease. The short length also eliminates the difficulties of traditional skis, like crossed tips and face planting, plus you don’t need poles.

Ski boarding as a sport has only been brought into the public eye and commercialized within the last few decades, but it has been around longer than that. They used to be called “firn gliders” by mountaineers in the 1940’s. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that ski boards started hitting the shelves and coming into popularity. Ski boards were even featured in the 1995 X-Games.

Jump Right In

With ski boards, you can jump in and start having fun on the first day. You can learn easily on your own, enjoying the snow from day one, instead of spending all of your time (and money!) in lessons. Why don’t you need lessons to learn ski boarding? Unlike traditional skiing or snowboarding, there are no special skills required for balancing, turning, or stopping. That means you have more time during your vacation on the slopes to enjoy your time. The confidence boost that comes with being able to jump right in makes it so much more enjoyable.

Experienced Skiers and Snowboarders

Even intermediate and experienced skiers and snowboarders are picking up ski boards. With no limitations of their old equipment, and with more maneuverability and control, ski boards will challenge you to invent new ways to ride. The rush of tree skiing at faster speeds, fast turns, and special tricks are a whole new experience.

Regardless of your experience level, ski boarding is a great sport to check out for your next trip to the slopes. Spend your next vacation having fun instead of having lessons!

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