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Hike Cradle Mountain in Tasmania to Immerse Yourself in a Different World

If you ever take a trip to Australia and looking for adventure, make a stop in the southern state of Tasmania, home of Cradle Mountain. The enchanted rainforests and gorgeous environment will envelop you, leaving you entirely speechless.

Scenery and wildlife

There are many trails and walks offered by the Tasmanian Walking Company, ranging from leisurely walks through the forest to summiting the highest peak of the mountain. You will experience rapid changes of scenery including serene rainforests, alpine meadows, button grass plains and open wetland.

Be on the lookout for some of Australia’s wildlife during your hike. You might come across wombats, echidnas, paddymelons and various birdlife. And the famous Tasmanian Devil also claims Cradle Mountain as its stomping grounds.

Preparing and reaching the base of Cradle Mountain

Pack strategically for this hike. You don’t want to overpack, because you will be hitting some rough terrain that will require some agility. But make sure to bring plenty of water and some food. Eat a full, healthy breakfast before your trip, and wear proper hiking boots.

Take the Overland Track to get the base of Cradle Mountain. The flat trail takes you across the Cradle plateau, which leads up to the Kitchen Hut. You might even be lucky enough to spot a platypus on the plateau!

The strenuous hike

When you reach the Kitchen Hut, you will be ready to begin the summit. The track is marked very well, but it’s a grueling, difficult hike that requires you to climb across many boulders. It’s not a trek for those who are afraid of heights or don’t have good upper body strength.

Right from the start of your upward hike, you will be treated to stunning views that completely surround you, as well as adorable wildlife. It’s quite an exciting summit, and when you finally reach Marion’s lookout, take the time to soak in the moment. There are astonishingly gorgeous views of Crater Lake and Dove Lake.

Plan your hike on a day when the sun is out and the fog is minimal, and you will enjoy sights that you will never forget.

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