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Must-Visit Travel Destinations For Foodies

If you’re anything like me, checking out local cuisine is just as important as any other tourist activity when I visit a new place. It’s one of the best ways to experience the local culture of the destination, and immerse yourself in what makes it unique.

So, if you’re a foodie traveler in search of paradise, here are some top destinations that you must visit!

Bangkok, Thailand

Visiting Bangkok should be a no-brainer for foodies everywhere. With all the authentic spices and fresh ingredients, the cuisine there will have your taste buds dancing. You’ll find some amazing dishes in Michelin-starred restaurants, but make sure to check out the delicious street food! Bangkok is the street food capital of the world, so it’s definitely a must.

Pad Thai is an obvious choice while here. Sweet potato balls (Kanom Kai Nok Krata), fried chicken, fresh fish soups, crispy pork belly, roasted duck… there’s just too much to choose from!

Cusco, Peru

Sure, Machu Picchu is cool and all, but have you had Peruvian food? The people here take great pride in their cuisine, and it is incredibly delicious. With earthy Andean spices, local ingredients, and Spanish influences, Cusco has the best cuisine in the Peruvian Andes.

While there, make sure you try Chicharrón. Originally from Spain, Chicharrón in Cusco is made with different cuts of fried pork and served with white corn, potatoes, onion, mint, and lemon. Cuy is another must-have local delicacy, which is guinea pig that is traditionally served baked or fried.

San Sebastián, Spain

Talk about taking gourmet to a whole new level! Located on Spain’s north coast, San Sebastián is home to tons of Michelin-starred restaurants. In fact, it has one of the highest number of Michelin stars per square meter in the world.

The real stars here, though, are the pintxos bars. The particular style of tapas here are known as pintxos, and usually consist of small pieces of bread topped with a variety of ingredients and speared with sticks. They’re a delightful, bite-sized way of sampling the city’s most delicious ingredients.

Bologna, Italy

Bring your stretchy pants for your trip to Bologna, Italy. Yes, this is where bolognese sauce was invented, so it is an obvious destination for foodies. Besides the famous sauce, you’ll also find other amazing traditional Italian eats in this foodie paradise, such as salty prosciutto, parmigiano reggiano, and handmade tortellini. Drizzle a little perfectly-aged local balsamic on top, and your taste buds will thank you.

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