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See to Believe: A Hidden Oasis in the Dunes of Peru

Tucked away a few hours south of Lima, Peru is a magical desert oasis you have to see to believe it’s real. Huacachina is a small town surrounded by towering dunes and is a break away from your ordinary tourist destination.

Visit Huacachina for the perfect mix of exciting activity and tranquil relaxation. It’s a trip that will live in your memory forever, like nowhere you’ve been before.

A grand entrance

If you are visiting Peru and want to make the trek down to the beautiful oasis that is Huacachina, take the Peru Hop. The Peru Hop is a bus line that will take you straight into town. And the bus ride itself will be unforgettable, as the road leading into Huacachina offers views of the highest dunes in South America.

As you arrive, walk the streets of this small town, with only 96 residents. Rustic shops and restaurants make up some of the charming aspects of the oasis.

Wild ATV rides and sandboarding

For the adventurous heart, a visit to Peru’s oasis in the desert offers some heart-racing activity, taking full advantage of the surrounding sand dunes. Strap into a dune buggy and get ready for the ride of your life. A driver will strap you in and then it’s full speed ahead.  Weaving left and right and racing up and down the dunes, your adrenaline levels will reach new heights.

Another exhilarating activity offered in the mountainous dunes is sandboarding. Staff members with years of experience will help guide you down the daunting hills. Hang on for dear life as you slide down the dunes with amazing views of the tiny oasis just ahead.

Sunset at the oasis

One of the most magical experiences during your trip to Huachina is viewing the beautiful sunset. It is the icing on the top of a day that you won’t want to end. The surrounding sand dunes and palm trees provide a picturesque display as the sun sets behind them.

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