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The Basics Of Zipping Through The Rainforest

Imagine soaring through the canopy of a rainforest like a bird, weaving in and out of giant green leaves, flying from tree to tree. Taking a zipline canopy tour is about the closest thing we can get to that as humans, but even without wings, it’s still every bit as thrilling and amazing.

The rainforest really is a magical place. Just imagine the beauty of the largest rainforest on Earth, taking up almost half of South America’s total area, and containing an astonishing amount of biodiversity. More than half of the world’s animals, insects, and plants live in tropical rainforests. Now imagine seeing all of thatfrom a birds-eye view! I can’t imagine a better zipline experience than that.

How Does A Zipline Work, Exactly?

You wear a harness that is attached to a wheel on a cable that runs between two platforms. Once you push off from one platform, you zip down the cable to the next platform. In the case of rainforest canopy tours, these cables run between trees, up where the birds dwell.

How Will I Know What To Do?

You will learn the basics, like how to put your harness on, latch onto the cable, and how to slow down mid-flight. There should also be a safety briefing. You may also be able to practice on a short line only a few feet off the ground.

What Should I Wear?

The most important safety gear, like your harness, helmet, and gloves, should be provided by the company running your zipline tour, but you should confirm this ahead of time to be sure. Wear long pants. You also need to make sure you wear appropriate shoes: hiking boots, or sneakers will work. Do not wear open-toed footwear. Long hair should be pulled back, and glasses should be secured with a strap.

Do I Need To Be In Peak Physical Condition?

Basic canopy tours aren’t strenuous and don’t require a lot of physical strength or ability. You should consider that they usually do require you to walk to the starting place of the zipline, which is likely going to be uphill. If you are concerned about weight limits, you should check with the tour company in advance to make sure you know of weight limits for the cables or size requirements for the harness. However, if you choose a tour that also includes another activity like hiking or mountain biking, you will have to be in proper shape for those activities.

Where Do I Sign Up?!

I bet you’re ready to jump in a harness! There are a lot of canopy tour companies out there to choose from. If you are already planning a vacation, there may be a travel package available that includes a zipline tour. You might also be able to book one through the front desk of a hotel you are staying at. Easily enough as with many other things, you can also book before you go on vacation directly with a tour company, by finding them through an internet search. Just make sure you check out the company’s credentials and reviews, and contact them with any questions you may have.

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