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Visiting Florida? Here are the Best Beaches and Top Attractions

Florida is synonymous with beach. There is no shortage of beautiful destinations with plenty of other attractions to boot. In fact, there are so many great beaches in Florida that you might find it hard to decide!

If you’re hoping to head down to the Sunshine State to stick your toes in the sand, here is a list of some of Florida’s best beaches that you must visit. Go ahead and add every single one of them to your travel bucket list.

Clearwater Beach

Much like some of Florida’s other beaches, Clearwater Beach boasts clear, shallow waters paired with super soft, bright-white sands. It’s also close to Tampa, so there’s plenty of nightlife and shopping to experience. But when the day is coming to a close, walk down the famed Pier 60 to experience the sunset like nowhere else. There’s also a daily festival, Sunsets at Pier 60, that features street performers, artisans, and crafters.


This Gulf coast beach is known for calm waters and fine white sand, but it is also a popular destination thanks to its golf courses. There’s also the Naples Zoo, and plenty of national parks and wildlife refuges. The Naples Pier, which was first erected in 1888, is a popular destination for fishing and dolphin watching.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach used to be the winter home to famously wealthy families, such as the Kennedys, the Vanderbilts, and the Rockefellers. These days, it still boasts high-end hotels, luxurious resorts, breathtaking beachfront properties, and superb restaurants and shops.

Key West

This is the southernmost point in the United States, only 90 miles north of Cuba. Bring your snorkel or diving gear to see the coral reefs, rent a glass-bottom kayak, visit Ernest Hemingway’s former residence, or hit up Duval Street for bustling shops and cafes.

Sanibel Island

Much like the other beaches on this list, Sanibel Island features breathtaking blue waters and powder-white sands, but the real attraction here is actually the abundant seashells that wash up from the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, Travel & Leisure ranked Sanibel Island the best shelling spot in North America. It’s become so popular for seashell hunting that some hotels even offer rooms equipped with special sinks and worktables.

Siesta Key

This laid-back beach on the Gulf of Mexico is home to some of the whitest sands you’ll find anywhere. It’s so white because it’s made up of more than 99 percent pure quartz. Not only does that mean it’s beautiful, but it also keeps cool in hot temperatures under the blazing Florida sun.

South Beach

This is probably Florida’s most famous beach. It has beautiful crystal-blue waters, but there’s much more to love here. Plenty of unique Art Deco architecture, high-end shopping, flashy cars, iconic luxurious hotels, and some of the hottest nightlife in the country will keep you busy for your entire vacation.

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