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The Best Careers You Can Get with an Associate’s Degree

Whoever said a good education had to take a long time – or be crazy expensive? A two-year degree is available all over the US at any number of traditional schools or community colleges.

Associate degrees are usually cheaper, take a lot less time, and have fewer prerequisite courses to finish. And don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t get a great education when you get a 2-year degree, because there are some excellent career fields that only require four semesters of college!

We’ve compiled the list of some of the best careers that you can go into after finishing your associate’s degree. A four-year degree isn’t always the best choice for your life or your family, and that’s okay. Education comes in many forms.

Radiation Technician

No, you won’t get a weird type of cancer for being a radiation technician. Techs are protected by big heavy vests and thick glass. What they do have is great career potential, which is always important when you’re looking for a job.

Radiation techs make between $70-$80k a year. They work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and outpatient clinics. Growth is expected in the next ten years, so there is just more room for success.

Dental Hygienist

If the teeth of strangers don’t make you uncomfortable to look at, and the idea of poking around in a person’s mouth is fine, then dental hygienists could be an excellent career path for you!

This only requires a two-year degree, and you’ll basically just be an assistant. Cleaning teeth, talking with patients about proper dental care, and helping the dentist with what he may need.

There is about a 20% growth for this position in the next ten years to be expected, and the average salary is over $70k. Not bad for just two years of education.

Medical Sonographer

Have you ever had a sonogram done? It isn’t just for babies and pregnant women! People get sonograms every day, so doctors’ offices and hospitals are always in need.

This requires just a two-year degree, though it isn’t offered at every education facility. The average salary is just over $65k a year, and there is a 17% growth expected in the next ten years.

Honorable Mentions

None of these striking your fancy? Here are a few more options to explore. Remember that getting your education in a creative or technical field – like web design! – will only do you good if you enjoy it, or have a natural talent for that field.

  • Web Designer
  • Police Officer
  • Avionics Technician
  • RN
  • Web Developer
  • Nuclear technician
  • Occupational Assistant
  • Computer Network Specialist
  • Drafter

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