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The High-Tech Botanical Garden of the Future

A place that is truly magical and like nothing you’ve ever seen before, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a gigantic futuristic botanical garden. Built in 2012 and conceived as a part of Singapore government’s plan to make Singapore a “city in a garden,” with the goal of increasing quality of life with plants, flowers and trees.

Whether you are into spectacular masterpieces of architecture, have an affinity for flashy, new technology, or you love gorgeous floral arrangements, the Gardens of the Bay has something for everyone. A trip to Singapore would be incomplete without a Gardens day trip.

Supertrees reign supreme

Easily the stars of the show at the Gardens are the iconic Supertrees located in the South Bay Garden.

Looking as if they were taken from a science fiction movie like Avatar, the 18 behemoth trees are clustered together in Supertree Grove. The trees are covered with over 160,000 plants and range in height from 80 to 160 feet tall, and are lit up by solar power.

Every day, there is a light-and-sound-show called Garden Rhapsody, when the Supertrees are illuminated in a magnificent light show accompanied with epic music.

The Flower Dome

Enclosed in a giant glass egg, the Flower Dome is teeming with gorgeous flowers and plants. There are seven gardens to explore, each with unique themes.

The display of flowers changes often, reflecting seasonal changes and Singapore festivals. It is the world’s largest glass greenhouse, boasting flowers from all over the world, including South America, South Africa and Australia.

Cloud Forest Dome

One of the most visually stunning areas of the Gardens by the Bay is the Cloud Forest Dome. Stepping into the dome is like stepping into a dense jungle in the Amazon.

In fact, as soon as you enter, you will be greeted by a 110-foot tall waterfall at the entrance. You can feel cool mist of the droplets if you stand close enough!

Make a day trip of it

There is so much to see and experience at the Gardens by the Bay, you must make sure you allow enough time to fully take it in.

All in all, there are over 217,000 plants of over 800 unique species. It’s truly the green jewel of Singapore and a must-visit if you are spending time in the city.

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