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The Jagged Peaks of The Dolomites are a Sight to Behold

In northeastern Italy sits a mountain range called The Dolomites, a World Heritage Site of astounding beauty. The site has nine mountain ranges that cover 142,000 hectares. The Dolomites are so breathtaking that they leave onlookers speechless.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the peaks is their unique coloration. Depending on the light and time of day, different shades of rose, peach, violet and white cascade down the rocks. The visual display is heightened by the sculpturesque shapes of the peaks.

Hikers are rewarded at The Dolomites

Tucked away between the cliffs are high alpine meadows and pastures. The landscapes are speckled with cows, horses and huts. Some of these huts serve concessions, which is convenient for hikers who didn’t pack a lunch. There’s typically a delicious meal to be ordered when you reach the mountain.

Restaurants in the Dolomites are revered for their adventurous and delectable cuisine. Enjoy a fantastic pizza from Lanterna Verde, a place always filled with happy locals. Book a reservation ahead of time!

The Dolomites are spread across the Italian provinces of South Tyrol, Trentino and Belluno. I highly recommend exploring and hiking in Trentino. There you can find some of the most gorgeous pinnacles, like Cimon della Pala, as well as the unique nature parks, like Pale di San Martino.

Something for everyone

It’s a perfect destination for many types of travelers. Hiking enthusiasts, foodies, aperitivo aficionados, nature lovers, Instagram photographers and professional photographers will flourish in these mountainscapes.

Sounds of Dolomites Festival

If you love music, plan a trip around the annual Sounds of Dolomites Festival, which takes place June 28 through September 15 this year. Live performers play on unusual and unparalleled stages up high in the mountains. Musicians and audience members both must reach the site on foot!

The best way to get to The Dolomites is by car. Since you’ll need a vehicle to get around, it’s best to rent one from the airport where you land. There are several airports you can fly into, all within a few hours of Trentino.

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