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The Majesty of Finland in the Winter

Most people opt for warm getaways to escape the cold winter months. Are you not most people? If you’re looking for a unique winter getaway, consider the Finnish Lapland.

Wild Winter Getaway Full of Extremes

The Finnish Lapland is in the northern most region of Finland and encompasses Sweden and Norway as well. It’s a sparsely populated area that includes the North Pole. You might even see Santa Claus on your visit!

Temperatures during the winter are around 23 degrees Fahrenheit on average but do drop below zero often. The sun sets in November and will not rise again til mid-January. If that’s too dark for you, try visiting in the summer when the sun is up 24/7. Finland is chock full of extremes.

If you do brave the area in winter, take advantage of the lack of sun and experience the Northern Lights, aka the Aurora Borealis. The rare occurrence only happens when the nights are clear. Want to improve your odds? Stay in the glass igloos in Rovaniemi and be woken by the built-in aurora alarm.

Want even more extreme accommodations? Check out the Ice Hotel where the entire building is carved out of ice. Enjoy themed rooms that change each year and a shot of vodka in the ice bar.

After your chilly night on the ice, be sure to check out a sauna. Join the locals with a brisk roll in the snow after you soak in the heat.

A Winter Snow Adventure Awaits You

Looking for an adventure? Why not try a sledding tour by taking a husky safari or reindeer sleigh ride? Glide through the snow and take in the forest in style. On some tours, you’ll even get a certificate showing you were in the Arctic Circle. For something faster paced, rent a snowmobile and enjoy a rush of adrenaline. Whichever adventure you choose, be sure to end your day with a hot beverage or even some vodka. Skål!

Wanting to go on a more family themed getaway? The North has something for everyone. Whether you’re a believer or not, Rovaniemi has a real life Santa Claus Village. Here, you can mail letters from his post office and enjoy Christmas themed festivities throughout the year.

In a place where zero degrees is considered warm,  dress for the weather to be able to enjoy your time in Finland. Prepare yourself for adventure, and you’ll fall in love with part of the world often overlooked by travelers.

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