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The Overlooked Procida Island is the Perfect Getaway

The delightful Italian island of Procida is undoubtedly a perfect getaway from Naples. It boasts pastel-colored harbors, secluded coves and quaint cobblestone streets. Procida, the smallest of the three Poet’s islands of Italy, remains mostly undiscovered by international tourists.

Many of those who make Procida a travel destination are Neapolitans who retreat from the humidity of the Italian sun in the summer. They find peace away from the tens of thousands of travelers who take over their city during that time of year.

Arrive by ferry

Arrive to the town via the Porta Di Napoli, where you will probably be one of only a few waiting for the Procida ferry. The ferry takes under an hour, and as the drawbridge lowers upon your arrival to Procida, you will be greeted by the sight of one of the most beautiful villages you will ever see.

The authentic Italian experience

The streets of Procida are lined with houses painted in pastel colors, showcasing perfectly arranged floral decorations. Authentic Italian salumerias are seen organizing their produce while fisherman push their boats into the sea nearby.

You can walk the entire island of Procida in just a couple of days, while seeing and doing so much in that span of time.

For breakfast, tuck away into one of the cute patisseries to enjoy your prima colazione, an Italian-style breakfast. Order a sfogliatelle, which is a Neapolitan breakfast pastry stuffed with saccharin ricotta and hints of citrus. Get yourself a frothy cappuccino to wash it all down.

The walled city

There are plenty of free attractions to visit during your trip, starting with the 15th-century walled city of Terra Murata. Sitting atop a craggy rock, you can check out beautiful views of the sea.

While inside the walled city, take advantage of free entry to both the Abbazia San Michele Arcangelo and Santa Margherita Nuova castles. They date all the way back to the 11th century, originally built in Benedictine times. Inside, the churches are painted with lovely frescoes.

No trip to Procida is complete without some relaxation time on one of the island’s secluded beaches. Postino Beach is particularly alluring, and a wonderful place to watch the sunset as the sky illuminates in pink and orange hues.

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