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tips for running a half marathon

Tips and Tricks For Running a Half Marathon For the First Time

So you’ve decided that it is finally time to check that half marathon off of your bucket list. That’s great! But if you’re not a runner and you’ve never run a half marathon before, it can seem overwhelming. It could be hard to figure out where to start, and how to stay motivated.

Running a half marathon for the first time is achievable if you’re ready to commit and put in the work. Here are some half marathon tips and tricks on how to get started, and how to follow through.


If you’re serious about running that half marathon, fully commit to it. Sign up and pay for the race, and then take it a step further and tell people. Spending the money and telling others will help hold you accountable.

Invest in the Right Running Shoes

It might seem easy to drop into your local big-box retailer and grab some discount sneakers, but remember that you’re going to be training a lot for your upcoming race.

Shoes that aren’t the right style won’t provide the right support that you need, and shoes that aren’t the right size are going to cause a lot of blisters. Both of those will cause you a lot of pain. Try finding a local running store to get shoe recommendations and a professional fit.


Okay, I know that seems a little obvious, but hear me out. Running is the only workout that can really prepare your body for running, right? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do any other workouts, but they’re not going to help like just getting out there to run. You should be hitting the pavement for several hours per week.

Always Stretch Before and After

Your muscles are going to start feeling really tight if you don’t stretch properly. You also risk injuries without stretching. Think about introducing foam rolling to your routine, as well, as this with stretching can help remove the build-up of lactic acid and help your muscles recover.

Pick the Perfect Playlist

Everyone has different tastes, so my running music might be vastly different than yours. You might prefer podcasts. Whatever it is that gets you moving, helps you get in the zone and connect with your body, make yourself a custom playlist to keep you going.

Find a Partner

Having a partner is going to be the easiest way to stay motivated and keep training. They don’t even have to run with you, just someone that also runs that you can check in with. Not only will they hold you accountable, but you can cheer each other on, and even have a little friendly competition if you like.

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