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You Absolutely Must Explore Bruges, Belgium

Called the “Venice of the North,” Bruges is a delightfully charming merchant town that sees an influx of tourists every year from March until October. Take boat rides through the city, try decadent chocolates and underground beer, and see the gorgeous sights.

Located in Northwest Belgium, Bruges is the capital city of the West Flanders province. There are so many areas to explore and plenty of history to learn in this medieval fairytale town.

An architectural masterpiece

The cobbled walkways and picturesque canals link together beautiful market squares. If you’re a fan of architecture, then Bruges is a must-see, with jaw-dropping Gothic and Baroque buildings setting the foundation of this European dreamscape.

Internationally-renowned Belfry tower watches over the main market square, where it has sat for over eight centuries. Its inclusion in the cult film In Bruges has heightened its profile recently.

Underground beer pipeline

Beer courses through Bruges’ veins, quite literally. Belgian brews Brugse Zot and Straffe Hendrik are pumped through an underground pipeline underneath city streets. 12,000 bottles worth of the good stuff is pumped through the lines every hour.

You can try both beers at the source, De Halve Maan (Half Moon) brewery, which is open daily and the only surviving brewery in Bruges. Or you can try them at one of several different cellar cafes throughout Bruges.

Boat rides through the city

If you want to explore Bruges, the best way to do so is by boat. Cruise through a web of canals to get a unique perspective on the historic buildings and castles. Marvel at the sights with other tourists!

Eat some chocolate

While in Bruges, you will want to visit Sukerbuyc, a family-owned chocolatier, and cafe. Here you can try some of the best chocolate in the world. Get a hot drink, grab a seat and your drink will come served with tasty Belgian chocolate made in house.

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